Ramen Sushi Goodness!

I just got back from a fantastich meal at a Sushi restaurant called "Wasabi" (lol!) with my colleague from work, Louise. Today is probably one of the best days I've had since I've been here in Swansea. Louise took me to this little shop that sold some foodstuffs that I bought in Singapore that I never thought I would see in Swansea, at least. There was Yeo's chrysanthemum tea in cans (yay!), Cup Needles!!, some japanese instant ramen that i always bought from NTUC in Singapore, some sauces that I use in Singapore too! I bought some garlic chilli and a sauce mix for making curry chicken (yay!) and 6 packets of the yummy japanese ramen stuff and 2 cans of the Yeo's chrysanthemum tea, which I intend to buy like a carton tomorrow or saturday.

It felt so good to eat sushi and ramen again. And to share that joy with a kindred spirit! I was like a little happy kid finding sweets in a old schoolbag and you just couldn't erase that cheeky smile on my face!

I also had the chance to be a kid again and go on the swings at this park near the sushi restaurant. It was soooo amazing, especially with a bat or two flying around a tree near the swings! Its been so long since i've been on a swing, I actually felt like I was going to get thrown off the swing from time to time. But seriously, I am so getting in the swing of that and WILL be going back for the swings again, BELIEVE ME!

Its also so nice to have someone who i can talk to easily like Louise. I love all my other colleagues but there's just something about Louise that's extra nice and extra special that I love! She's such a wonderful little white magic witch! 

The guy she fancied was eating at a table behind us (a serious coincedence!) and it was so difficult not to talk about him. Lol. Then there was another guy who she used to go out with at a table behind us....

She sure is a popular girl! Especially whenever she's working, she has like friends coming in to say hello, ALL THE TIME. Lol. 

Anyway, she has this german exchange student coming to stay with her for 10 days on Sunday. I feel a lil excited for her. I do hope the guy is nice and not some psychotic moron. 

I can't wait to do sushi again! I'm gonna try their tempuras once my sore throat heals. Mmmmmmmmm.... and i need some miso soup as well.